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6"*1.5" solid wheels with metal rims used for wheelbarrow hand trolley shopping cart

  • Product Item : TEDA-SR0605
  • Category: RUBBER WHEEL
  • Views:303
  • Type: Pneumatic Rubber/PU Foam/Solid wheel
  • Application:wheelbarrow, tool cart, hand trolly, garden cart,baggage cart, shopping carriage, baby carriage
  • Wheel Rim: metal or Plastic rims
  • Bearing: Standard hign quality bearing
  • Product description:TEDA Pneumatic Rubber/PU Foam/Solid wheels are silent and slip resistant, yet lightweight and durable.Best Price&Service!
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Wheel(Pneumatic Rubber/PU Foam/Solid wheel):


1. SR0605 Solid Wheel

2. Variety size & tire patterns

3.Excellent load capacity

4.High quality natural/butyl rubber inner tubes

5. Long service life assured

      6. Anti-skid and wear-resistant

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