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FAQ4-What size tube do I need?

What size tube do I need?

That's easy. Here's a conversion chart!

What size valve stem do I need for my tubeless tire?

There are two types: 8 mm and 10 mm. The larger one, which actually fits an 11.3 mm hole in the wheel, is by far the most common size. The smaller size, actually an 8.3 mm opening, is used by some BMWs and Buells and aftermarket wheels.

Can I use tires with a different load/speed rating?

Normally, a downgrade in load/speed rating is a poor idea and we don’t recommend it at RevZilla. Maximum load and speed ratings are considered by the manufacturer and they specify tires they believe the bike needs.

Upgrading a speed or load rating won’t hurt anything, but can give a worse ride due to sidewall stiffeners being added to the tire. If you’re looking to upgrade the load rating, make sure the bike is capable of bearing the load, as well! Factory-spec tires should be capable of handling the load the bike is approved to carry. If you're trying to exceed that, most likely the tires are not the only weak point and other parts can break, too!

When considering weights, do not forget the weight of rider, passenger, luggage, etc. Japanese bike manufacturers are notorious for expecting their customers to be featherweights.

Upgrading speed ratings is one change from original equipment.  A higher speed rating is rarely detrimental, though you may give up fuel mileage or tire life. We recommend sticking to the OE speed rating, but upgrading is permissible, provided you know that other riding characteristics could be affected.

Downgrading a speed rating is never a bright idea. If you have two tires with different speed ratings, it's the lower rating that counts. Also, any tire that has been repaired loses all speed rating.


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